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Casting World has been grounded in 2010, and soon we have been called to face the big financial crises. We acted insisting to  find out the opportunities of this uncomfortable situation. After several years the world has changed and we also have changed.

Lodovico Forno

Deeply grounded professional experience in both national and multinational fields in the automobile sector and that of engineering components while holding positions of increasing responsibility, as engineer and subsequently as a Sales Manager for the  North and Central European markets. 

Step 2
Corporate consulting

in 2010 Casting World has been grounded continue consulting activities focused on companies active in:

Milling and tourning of sintering components,

Milling and turning of steering drive system's components,

Milling and turning of oleo dynamic system's components,


Step 1
Sales consulting

Step 1: in 2006 we started to consult companies active in these branches:

Magnesium die casting for wheel application,

Milling and turning of aluminum die castings,

Production of bike's wheels,

Galvanic treatments.

Step 3

In 2011 we acquired new important contract as distributor and sales representative for company engineering and manufacturing:

machines for CNC reworking,

for washing and drying of industrial components

galvanic treatment

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