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"Casting the world!" 


We were born to be a game changer and we offer this attitude to those companies which want to change, improve and be innovative.


We are familiar with the automotive methodology with  the  target to propose the lean production philosophy. We oftly use 5 S and 6 Sigma method. We apply this to industrial company and service company as well.


Our partners are leading companies  in their core business. Our customers  are mostly PMI, but all of them whish to be innovative, and  work on daily basis to introduce innovations.


To become a builder you should have experienced victory and defeat, the good and evil. Life is full of contradictions, which become suddenly connected with a common red line only if you have the patience to play down the line. We are a small enterprise grounded in the July 2010 in the Town of San Vittore Olona, nearby Milan. We started taking care of small companies that wanted to become global without being globalized as big company, structured without being procedure complicated as big company, keeping the flexibility and the orientation to family tradition of PMI. The challenge goes on with you, as next. if you are an entrepreneur and would like to be assisted for commercial support send a message and we will take care of you.


Casting World S.a.S. 

Via Manzoni , 45

20028 - San Vittore Olona (MI)  Italy

Tel.: +39 0331 512815

Mob.: +39 3400013447


I tuoi dati sono stati inviati con successo!

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